Monday, February 19, 2018

Feb 12 - 18 Recap

Happy Monday Night!

Another week flew by! It's the second half of February already!

This past week was a blur. We were still sick most of the week and then Cam has his top two Fangs starting to break through so that has caused for some rough nights. But this week has also been full of love and family time! Here are some highlights:

* Matt and I celebrated 5 years of marriage on February 13. I love him more and more each day. There is truly nothing better than coming home to your best friend every day.

* Cam, the girls and I had all the snuggles this week with still not feeling well. He has also started loving stuffed animals all of a sudden. He carries them all around the house! His every night must have is Bluebeary. It is so cute!!

 It's a crack up, one of his favorites is this giant dog he got from Nonnie & Poppi! It's almost the same size as him! haha

* Finally got the linen cabinet and medicine cabinets cleaned out and organized. I still need to make official labels but post its work in the interim. Ahh just seeing the after picture makes me smile!

* Another silver lining, on my last day of work I got to use up the balance of my FSA account by getting myself and Matt a few pairs of prescription glasses! Long overdue! 

* We celebrated Valentines day with the most delicious heart shaped pizza from Toppers!! Thinking this needs to be a new tradition! Also a huge thank you to Target dollar section for Cam's adorable valentines for his daycare friends and then Cam made the cutest little valentine for us! 

* Cam learned how to play a game on his Amazon Kids Fire Tablet! I was amazed!! I can't believe that at his age he can learn how to not only swipe through and select the game but to also actually play the game!! Also big win, was playing the new game while going on the big boy potty haha Multitasking Win! haha

So although it was another rough week with not feeling great plus my last day of work there was still plenty to be thankful for! I am looking forward to finally feeling better and crushing some new goals! 

And let's be real, how can you have a bad week when you see this face every day!?!

Monday, February 12, 2018

Feb 5 - 11 Recap

Hey all! Happy Monday!

Mainly posting for consistency but not much of a recap this week.

The Tarry Family was all knocked on our butts this whole week with this dang Flu. I, fortunately, haven't been sick like this in a very long time!

Let me just say, this bug is no joke!

There is a few highlights:

1) I have received an insane amount of snuggles and kisses from Cameron over the past week. I keep reminding myself that he won't always want all these hugs and kisses and I should really treasure them when I get them!

2) My hubby really knows my love language. Words of affirmation go a VERY long way for me and he always knows the best things to say to keep me going, make me feel better and make me feel appreciated. He also knows I love my delicious foods and he cooked me the most delicious steak, sweet potato, and green beans dinner last night! He truly is my best friend and on weeks like this where every day seems to be never-ending and constant struggles I am reminded how thankful I am to be married to my best friend and have him as my lifelong partner.

3) Even with not feeling well and some major tummy issues *thank you FLU!* Cam STILLLLLL has been going on the potty!!!!! This kid is amazing! He will stop playing, stand up and go running for the potty! So awesome! I tried finding him some pull ups but they don't make them that small!

So yeah, thats about it! Hopefully we will have finally kicked this thing in the next day or so!

Looking forward to a fresh new week!

Friday, February 9, 2018

Lucky Number 13

Well I finally got the call I knew was coming.

Tuesday February 13 will be my last day at Wells Fargo - I'm getting terminated.

For those that have no idea what I am talking about let me fill you in.

Last July, I found a fantastic new position in the Private Client Group division of Wells Fargo as a Control Specialist and applied on a whim. It was something totally new to me but sounded amazing! It seemed to match my interests of endless spreadsheets, compliance driven and out of retail. After a pretty lengthy interview/application process I was hired and started the job August 16th. Now throughout my various roles at Wells Fargo over the last 7.5 years I have been given opportunities to obtain certain state and FINRA licenses - California Life Insurance, Series 6, Series 63, and Series 7 to be exact. This new position had a contingency clause that stated upon starting this new role I would have 180 days (February 12) to obtain or transfer my series 7, series 63, series 65 (or 66), Series 9, and series 10 licenses.

Now, I tend to think of myself as a professional student. Really since starting elementary school I have literally NOT STOPPED studying or being in school except from May 2016 - August 2017 (but during that time it really wasn't a break, I was pregnant and new mom haha). I did summer school almost every year, took various "camps" during high school for SATs and even attended Harvard Summer School program as a high school Junior. I am no stranger to studying or taking tests. So with all that being said, the contingency truly didn't worry me.

As soon as I started the position, I STARTED the position, I was hitting the ground running working from day 1. Thankfully they did give me time every now and then to study in the office in between projects but it was learning new job and studying at the same time. Again, I felt no biggie. Now I don't know if I misjudged how this new mom life balance worked, or miscalculated how much lack of sleep affected my cognitive abilities but either way this time, studying was 1000x harder. I was studying into the early hours of the morning when I was off work in between dealing with home stuff, breastfeeding, general mom and wife duties and learning a new job. Over the course of the next 3-5 months I studied my butt off and took both my 9 and 10 twice but thankfully passed on the second attempts of both. I failed my first attempt at the 65 and had one final chance at taking the 65 before my 180 day cutoff, January 26. Honestly, I was at my breaking point. I was so exhausted and so overwhelmed and confused by the massive amounts I had been studying over the prior 6 months and I just wanted this over with. Well I didn't pass.

So we waited to hear from HR. I thought I had one more lifeline option, the series 66, as an alternative. My manager immediately called HR and tried to see if they could open my test window for the 66 to be able to squeeze in one more test before the deadline while still meeting the original contingency agreement. It was a painstaking 4 days but we finally got word that I am not eligible to take the series 66 exam. Apparently in California there is a rule stating you can only take the series 66 if you have taken the series 7 in the prior 2 years. I completed my series 7 three years ago... yup.

So then we waited again. My manager, his manager and team all went to HR asking for some type of extension to give me one more chance at taking the 65. Per FINRA, I did have one more time to attempt the exam however, they require a 30 day waiting period in between attempts - that means the soonest I could try again would be Feb 26th - which is roughly 2 weeks after my 180 day deadline. Two weeks. So we waited. and waited.

Finally, they just got back to my manager with a decision that they are denying any exception or extension and I will be terminated February 13. While I do completely understand their reasoning behind no exceptions and yes I signed a pretty clear contingency agreement, it seemed insane to me that they are going to go through a complete new hire process which takes 4-6 months on average and getting someone retrained instead of granting 2 extra weeks but that is neither here nor there.

I 100% believe everything happens for a reason. After 7.5 years, God is saying it's time to leave the Wells Fargo world. While this is kinda terrifying (mostly because I brought home majority of the income and all benefits were under my name) I am also excited at some new opportunities. All the licenses I have obtained throughout the years are mine to keep and take to any other firm. I also have my BA in Communication and my MBA with an emphasis in Marketing - both from California Lutheran University so I am confident that there is something else out there. I do have true peace about this whole thing though knowing that God has a plan for me.

So what's next:

1. We already had some big goals in place for my husband this year - getting his Contractors License and really ramping up his own business, so that is still going to be focused on, even more so now.

2. I am going to take a week or two to myself. As mentioned before, I have always been going going going from school to working multiple jobs at the same time as school, to being a new mom and constant career licensing so I am going to take a week or so for some self care.  I will also use this time to FINALLY get our house and things in order. Need to get some sort of control over my life and I have been telling myself I will go through and simplify and declutter after ___.. well now is the time.

3. During this self care time I will also be really spending some time coming up with a plan for what I truly want to do. Wells Fargo was my first "career" when I was 19! I never thought I would go into the financial world, I just started as a part time teller and rode the wave seeing where it took me. So I want to dig deep and discover what lights my fire and where I should plant some seeds - whether it be in or out of the financial world. Looking forward to checking out the CLU Career Services center and learning more about myself.

4. Before Wells I started a small business helping businesses get organized but ended it after being at Wells and going full time because it seemed to be a slight conflict. So I will also revisit that and look into starting back up my consulting business - whether it be a full time option or part time, we will see.

5. Embrace this time with Cameron! While I will definitely look for a new job, especially for one with benefits because Cobra is EXPENSIVE I will try and really enjoy this extra time with Cam. He will still be going to daycare but I will be able to drop off or pick up whenever and possibly check out some mommy and me classes.

So why lucky number 13?

13 has always been my lucky number! For starters, M is the 13th letter of the alphabet (Meghan, Matt & Mickey Mouse - Hello!) February 13th also happens to be mine and Matt's wedding anniversary - 5 years this year, we were married in 2013! Matt and I were best friends for 13 years (together for 8 years) before I became pregnant. Cam was born on Oct 13th. so yeah, I love the number 13. So when I heard my last day would be Feb 13 I was kinda bummed and then immediately relieved.

To me it is a sign of hope, a sign that God has something better, grander, and more amazing than I could have ever dreamed of that will be taking place starting February 13, 2018!

"For I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord, plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future"  - Jeremiah 29:11

Monday, February 5, 2018

Jan 29 - Feb 4 Recap

Hey All! Happy Monday!

How is it already a new week?! Last week flew by! It was a pretty weird week with still being in limbo with work (as of today they STILL haven't given an official decision although we are all pretty sure Feb 12 will be my last day), Matt being super sick starting Friday night, and Cam being ultra clingy. But hey, we survived another week!

Here is my overall recap of the week. Really working hard on staying positive, finding the silver lining, trusting that God's plans are FAR GREATER than any I could imagine, and being patient (which I REALLY REALLY suck at).

Some highlights of this week:

- Cam and I spent a ton of quality time together over the weekend and it was the FIRST weekend in SIX MONTHS that I wasn't distracted with needing to study or stressed out about my test. I decided to stop studying and give myself a break. Assuming Feb 12 is my last day so I won't be retaking the exam and worst/best case they decide to grant an extension I will get back to studying but in the meantime, I am giving myself a much overdue break. It really felt great being able to just fully enjoy hanging out with him! He is such a smart kid (I know... all parents say it... but seriously!) He did an amazing job going in the potty all weekend too!

My teeth brushing buddy

My snuggle buddy

- Given the possible outcome of being unemployed, I have been having some pretty raw conversations with Matt and we have been dreaming big together. I am actually a little excited at taking this situation as a huge opportunity to revisit some dreams/big ideas I had before I started working for Wells and bringing them to fruition! More to come on that later...

This was how I got anything done this weekend! Yay for the Ergo!

All the extra cuddles!

- Budget wise I am extremely proud of us! This past week even with taking Cam shopping for a few hours I only spent $15 - honestly that is huge! Especially considering I went to Michaels, Kohls & Target! I think that deserves a standing ovation LOL 

- Food wise, we have been sticking to homemade / or frozen heat up at home meals! I can't believe how much we are saving with that! Pretty embarrassed at how much money we have thrown away over the years on eating out! Friday Cam and I scored some pretty awesome deals at Vons - gotta love $5 Friday + super bowl specials! I even planned ahead and stocked up on some steaks so we can celebrate our anniversary/Valentines Day in without spending too much - or just some other nice stay at home date nights.

How could I pass up that deal?!


Pretty yummy breakfast at home this weekend!

Super easy and yummy dinners!

My little helper

- Fitness wise - When I realized it was Saturday ALREADY I also realized, wow I haven't done any activity all week! So I took Cam to the shopping center in Moorpark, put him in the stroller and walked the entire center and in and out of all the shops. It was a lot of fun, got us some fresh air and Cam always likes his stroller. Sunday morning when I woke up I told myself I have to at least get in one real workout for the week so although Cam was super clingy and fussy I put on my Beachbody On Demand and got through the Country Heat workout.

Got in one day of working out!

That pretty much sums up everything that happened this past week. I am nervous, anxious and excited for some things I have in the works and can't wait to share them all with you - but first I need the final decision from my work! ugh! As promised, I will keep you all informed. Thanks to all who have messaged or texted me asking how I was doing and wanting to follow up on my work situation! It means a lot know how many people I have caring about me and my family!

Thanks for following along in my journey.

And one more adorable picture to close out the week!

Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Jan 22 - 28 Recap

Hey All! Happy Tuesday!

I am posting a day late because I have gone back and forth many times about posting this weeks recap but I reminded myself the whole reason for doing these recaps is to hold myself accountable, give myself a log to look back on to celebrate the great things and be proud of the hard things that I overcame. This weeks recap will be the eventually be the latter.

This week was rough. Really rough. It was full of anxiety, exhaustion, overwhelmingness, disappointment and fear. And honestly many of those same feelings are continuing on into this next week as well.

Here is my recap of Jan 22 - Jan 28

So let's start with the bad news - I did not pass my Series 65 exam. 

As most of you may have seen on my Facebook post, this is pretty bad. When I got this new job back in August it was under conditional approval - the condition that I obtain my series 9, series 10, series 63 & series 65 licenses in 180 days (which is February 12). Thankfully I already had my 63, I passed my 9 and 10 over the last 2 months and then boom... While I am technically given another attempt at taking the 65, FINRA requires a 30 days waiting period between attempts. So, that would put me at Feb 28 which is past my 180 day timeframe. According to the offer letter I signed, it was pretty clear that in the event I did not obtain my licenses in the allotted time, my employment would be terminated. My boss and his boss are trying all avenues in getting some sort of an extension (I only need 2.5 extra weeks!!) but as of yet, that extension hasn't been granted. While it is frustrating and seems ridiculous that they can't just give 2 more weeks I do see the companies side of it and the conditional terms were clear; but I am still holding onto hope that the people in HR will see the benefit to all parties to grant the extension. While this outcome was definitely not the situation I thought I would be facing, I do believe that everything happens for a reason and that God has some grand plan in mind for me that may or may not include this job. For those that don't know I have been with my same employer over the last 7.5 years holding over 8 different positions during that time - so this is quite a big deal. But, hey, what is meant to be will be. 

One of the best things that came out of this mess was that after posting my results on Friday I have been receiving the sweetest, most encouraging phone calls, text messages, comments, and private messages from family, friends, and people I have never met! Truly inspiring! I can't tell you all enough how much that has meant to me. I also have to give a little shout out to my amazing hubby who has been my rock in handling this uncertainty. He has been nothing but encouraging, supportive and loving. While I feel so guilty and embarrassed and disappointed in myself and what this may mean for my family, he has been constantly reminding me that it will all be ok. 

The best text message from my hubby yesterday on my way to work.

A bracelet I got from my friend Ashely Damon which came at PERFECT timing and is my favorite phrase!

As far as the other categories go... to be honest I decided on Sunday night last week that everything else would be put on the back burner to 100% focus on studying in between working and motherhood duties so I had no real attempts at workouts, cleaning up or anything else which I am totally fine with. Unfortunate that despite all efforts I still didn't pass but thats neither here nor there.

I am proud to say that we ate in all week and cooked some delicious meals! My favorite was meatloaf, mashed potatoes & carrots - not only was it super easy and yummy but Cam helped me make it! 

Easiest recipe:
1lb Ground Beef
1 egg
1 can vegetarian vegetable soup
1 packet lipton onion soup mix
1/2 cup breadcrumbs
1/3 cup bbq sauce

Preheat oven to 375'
Combine all ingredients. 
Mold into loaf pan. 
Brush on thin layer of BBQ sauce on the top.
Bake for 35-40 minutes until internal temperature reaches 160'

my little helper 😍

seriously delicious!

So there you have it. My recap of a really rough week. As of tonight (Tuesday 30th) I am still unsure what the outcome of my employment will be. Still holding onto hope for an extension but preparing for the worst. I will let you all know one way or another. 

Thank you again for coming along on my constant crazy journey and for all the love and support. Hopefully next weeks recap will be super exciting! 

Me and my snuggle bug (and his bear)

Monday, January 22, 2018

Jan 15 - 21 Recap

Hey All! Happy Monday!!

How is it already a new week?! Last week literally flew by! Last week was definitely a Grace Not Perfection week!

Top things that happened:
1) Cam had his first day of work on Tuesday! He was chosen to be a background extra for a Netflix show, The OA. It was a ton of fun but a very long day. We left the house around 6:45am and didn’t get home until 5pm. It was nice because his Grammy, my MIL, got to go with and help me! He did great! He seemed to have fun and was fascinated by the all camera equipment! Plus  he had his own little trailer! How cool is that?! Haha I’ll keep you posted for when it airs! Other cool thing was he met his name twin - Cameron Blake was name of the Props Director! Small world! Haha

2) We got to spend some time with Matt’s side of the family for his cousin Layla’s 5th birthday. She had an adorable Trolls themed birthday party at Scooters Jungle. Unfortunately Cam had plans of his own that involved major melt downs and fighting naps so we were super later and missed all the play time but we finally made it towards the end and at least got to see everyone and have some cake! I definitely want to take Cam to that place again on one of their open play days - it looks so fun!

This weeks goal recap:

Family - while we didn’t go on any family walk this weekend, we did have a wonderful week spending time together. We did tackle Costco together Sunday evening so that’s gotta count for something right?! 😝

Home - this week was kind of a win for home organization! With Monday being off work, I used some of the day to clean up around the house and really clean some of the clutter piles in the kitchen. I didn’t get it all picked up but I did get the high top kitchen table FINALLY all cleaned off, and all the stuff that was piled on it put away or thrown away! That felt amazing!!

Decided to hang up a notebook with sheet protectors to organize and display Cams artwork :)
I kinda love how it turned out!

Personal - Since I finished my first book last week, I started listening The 10X Rule by Grant Cardone. So far it’s got ok content but the audible version is kind of driving me crazy - the guy is so hyper and the book has so much repetition and fluff it’s a little obnoxious. I’ll try and keep an open mind until I finish it but so far, not one of my favorites.

Professional - This week was pretty hectic at work. Now that I have my 9/10 I’m sort of up and running and that definitely meant pretty full days. I have one more test on Friday the 26th and then I’m finally done! I was originally going to take this upcoming week off work to go to the library every day to study but some changes have happened at work that plans had to change. Hoping to maybe leave a few hours early at least and get some study time in at night before getting Cam from daycare and then a little more after he goes to bed. I can at least see the light at the end of this licensing tunnel - almost done!!

Financial - this week we stayed on track with eating in most of the week and we are still within our budget for the month on eating out and groceries so that’s a good thing!! We also made it in and out of Costco sticking to our list and under $200 so that’s pretty exciting (and rare) too!

Crockpot Dinners for the win this week!
Crockpot Salsa Chicken 

Hubby made some delicious pasta & meatballs

Health - Like I previously mentioned, kind of a hectic week that was over before I realized it! I only got in one workout all week but that’s ok! One is better than none!

I have a feeling this upcoming week will be just as hectic and full as last week given the changes at work and trying to study and taking my series 65 exam but that’s ok. I can’t wait to be done with my licensing!

Have a great week everyone!!