Sunday, June 29, 2014

New Blog!

Hey everyone! Thanks for checking out my blog!! Fitness, Food and Finance is pretty much what defines my world lately. I have had many people direct message me asking for me to email them copies of my recipes or templates so I figured this would be a much easier way to share all that and more with everyone!

Just to give everyone some background on me....

My name is Meghan and I am married to my best friend, Matt! We are middle school sweethearts and we have two dogters that we rescued named Pebbles and Brulee. I have always been relatively petite my entire life and due to a very hard year of losing 5 people in 6 months that were very close to me, I gained about 50lbs in 2008 and am currently on a journey to lose that 50lbs, get healthy, and enjoy this new lifestyle. I work full time as a banker currently in the process of getting my investment licenses, am a full time student getting my MBA and just trying to learn the healthy balance between work and home life. Thanks for all the instagram and facebook love and support! It has truly helped me in my journey so far! IG @meghanpaigetarry

What am I doing/using for my journey?

I love it! It really does work and I use the etools and go to the meetings! I love the accountability of tracking and the ideas that get shared at the meetings is soo valuable!

I find it much easier to drink all my water from a cup with a straw! I can't explain why but it makes it easier! And these tumblers have the measurements along the side so you can easily track how much you are drinking to stay on track!

I got my treadclimber and the first time I used it i barely did 5 minutes at a speed of 1.0 at barely any incline and I was huffing and puffing! I am proud to say I have done multiple miles at max incline at varying speeds! It is an amazing machine with low impact to my knees which helps me, personally, a lot!

Being that most of my day is spent sitting at work, sitting during class, or sitting doing homework I got the fitbit to help me stay aware of how much or how little I am moving! It totally has kept me motivated!! There are different types of fitbit but I bought the ONE because it is hidden and a little more professional to not have it showing at all than the wrist band version plus I talk with my hands a lot and I feel the wrist band would be a little inaccurate.

Both Matt and I have the 3 meal isolator fitness ISOBAG. I am able to do meal prep each week for both of us and it holds our breakfast, lunch, snacks, drinks, and more! It has helped me so much especially when I have it full of healthy snacks and I think I am just doing one errand that turns into me being out of the house the whole day! Highly recommend it!

I normally make my own day planners but I came across Erin Condren Life Planner and fell in love! It helps me plan ahead and as we all know, a goal without a plan is just a dream!

What I don't do...
Its about a lifestyle change.. not a quick fix!

I hope this blog makes it easier to share things with everyone and I hope someone out there finds it helpful!! Thanks for reading!

To get started here is my July Fitness Challenge tracker! I created this challenge by combining a ton of different pinterest challenges I found combined with water intake and miles! It is also made small enough to get printed and cut out to fit inside the Erin Condren Life Planner. I printed it on Avery sticker paper so I can just cut it out and stick it in there!

Meghan Tarry July Challenge.pdf

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