Sunday, July 27, 2014

Happy Almost August!!!

Wow, I don't know about any of you but July FLEW by for me!!! I am very excited to share that I have officially hit -21lbs mark this month as well as fit into a size 8!!! I did not do any races this month but I have run over 110miles MTD. :)

I was thinking of the August challenge and I thought of taking a different approach. Last months challenge was too much for me. I aimed a little too high on that one and needed to listen to my body and not do as much. So that taught me that everyone is different. Just because one challenge works for one person doesn't mean it will work for everyone else. So thats why I made my August Challenge a self-reporting tracking Challenge. Whether you walk/run/do pushups/ sleep all day its up to you. You just put what you do and for an entire month TRACK! Track everything! Food, Fitness, Everything!

Man the stickers look intense! Whats BLDS? Ok ok... here is the break down....

* Miles and Push Ups - just write in how many you did... (I write down my total fitbit daily miles)

* Track: B L D S - I am planning on just marking off or X'ing the Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner and Snacks as I put them in my tracker. And whether you do weight watchers or not tracking your food can really be beneficial!

* Homemade BLD - This is where I will circle if I ate a packed breakfast lunch or dinner as opposed to eating out. For me, my biggest area of opportunity with both my fitness journey but also my financial journey is I spend way too much eating out! So this will help me keep my eating out limited or at the very least more aware!

* Saturday Try New - Once a week try something new! A new food item, a new recipe, a new trail to run, a new hobby, a dinner with no phones, anything!! Just incorporate something new once a week and mark it off!

* Sunday / Wednesday Meal Prep - I do my meal preps 2x a week to keep the food in the best fresh way possible with having less waste. This works for me and my husband. If thats not ideal for you then no worries but that is my schedule!

* Thursday Weigh In - I just wanted to see a once a week weigh in! It doesnt have to be thursdays but once a week weigh yourself and put your weight and pounds lost! :) Again all about awareness!

Hope everyone likes this challenge and can find it useful!!! If you want to see me blog about anything in particular just leave a comment below telling me!

Thanks and happy last week of July!!

Meghan Tarry AugustTrackingChallenge.pdf

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