Saturday, November 1, 2014

Happy November!

Happy November!!!

Wow my last post was in August which totally matches how my tracking has been! Ever since my half marathon I have been out of the habit of tracking and meal prep and most of all activity. I would track maybe one meal a day and then forget the second and then just go eh.. I'll start again tomorrow and that kept repeating. Thankfully the weight watchers principles have been so engrained that I have been able to pretty much maintain my weight at hovering around the -20lbs mark! But I gave myself the swift kick in the butt I needed and my feet have healed and I am ready to kick butt and hopefully get to the -35lbs mark by the end of the year!

So here is my weigh ins:

                       starting weight              ending weight        start at 164.2lbs 8/8/13
January            161.4lbs                               160.6lbs                              -3.6lbs
February          161.2lbs                               158.2lbs                              -6.0lbs
March              158.0lbs                               154.2lbs                              -10.0lbs
April                152.8lbs                               153.2lbs                              -11.0lbs
May                 150.6lbs                               148.6lbs                              -15.6lbs
June                 147.6lbs                               145.6lbs                              -18.6lbs
July                  145.2lbs                               144.2lbs                              -20.0lbs
August             140.4lbs                               144.2lbs                              -20.0lbs
September       142.4lbs                               144.0lbs                              -20.2lbs
October           144.0lbs                                145.0lbs                             -19.2lbs
November       146.4lbs                                                                STARTING -17.8lbs

Ok so Why did I post that? For me to see how far I have come and how totally do-able it is! I lost 9lbs in the 2 and a half months I was in licensing last time! And Im ready to do it again!

Here is my meal plan for this next week!


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