Monday, May 25, 2015

End of Week 1 recap

This has been an incredible activity week!! I attended all 5 days of bootcamp, my Tuesday night run and my Saturday morning hike! I also tracked 100% of what I ate even though from Thursday - Sunday it really wasn't very healthy or "clean". Woops! But it's ok. Still very proud of myself for how this week turned out. 

Here are my active living journal entries for thursday - sunday! 

Thursday 5/21

Friday 5/22

Saturday 5/23

Sunday 5/24

Week recap

I really enjoyed bootcamp and the hike! So far, I have learned I do not like burpees or any type of rope smacks but anything with my legs isn't too bad haha oh and I can't jump rope to save my life! I don't know if my timing is off or what but I can do like 5-10 in a row and then I end up jumping at the wrong time and catching the rope on my shins haha I think it's funny to see lol

Here are some pics from bootcamp, the Tuesday night run and the saturday hike! 

Tuesday morning bootcamp with Gaby! 

Tuesday night 2.25 mile run with Hannah!

Wednesday morning bootcamp with Shannon and Gaby!

Friday morning bootcamp straight flexin' lol

Hike to Mt McCoy

Ok lots of pics to share! #sorrynotsorry lol

My favorite recipe this week:
Definitely the crock pot salsa chicken! Super easy! 

Lined the crock pot and put in 3 cleaned and trimmed chicken breasts

Poured half a jar of salsa and 1/2 cup of fresh pico de gallo 

Set it on low for ~7 hours and it was delicious and just shred apart! 

Biggest struggle this week:
We had a few nights of celebrating my mom-in-laws birthday and I didnt necessarily make the best choices in food. But we had a fun time and it was only for a few nights. 

Thursday night was Don Cucos

Friday night was at The Edison in LA

Pretty damn good week 1 activity wise. Eh effort for food wise. Looking forward to a solid week 2 - well minus Memorial Day haha I went to Disneyland and totally are in the park. But more about that in week 2 blog!

Thanks for reading (if you made it this far lol) Have a great week everyone! 

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