Sunday, May 17, 2015

Let's Do This!

Hey all,

It's been a long time since I have posted in here and I'm hoping to change that! Just a heads up this post will probably be pretty lengthy and I totally appreciate anyone who actually reads it haha. 

It's kinda crazy but the last time I posted in my blog was November 1st and I was down -17.8lbs since my start date of weight watchers and as of my last weigh in on May 14, I am down -17.8lbs! Haha!

Anywho, I joined a few fitness challenges to keep me accountable and help me try to finally reach my weightloss goals! 

1) The Shape Up for Summer DietBet with Chris and Heidi Powell - basically it's just a bet with myself. I paid $35 as a bet that in 4 weeks I would lose 4% of my weight. If I do lose the 4% then I split the total pot (which right now is $120k!!) with everyone who also lost the 4%! If I don't hit my goal then I just don't get back my $35. Pretty fun way to stay motivated! 

These are my dietbet official weigh in photos! Starting at 149.6lbs according to my fitbit scale at home. In order to win my bet I need to be at 143.6lbs or less. I can't wait to be out of the 140s!! :) 

2) I joined the Epic Fitness Summer Slim Down 6 week challenge! It starts tomorrow and runs for 6 weeks! Ideally I will go to my Epic Fitness Bootcamp 5 days a week plus a run/hike on Saturdays along with following a clean eating plan! I am super excited to see what transformation I have at the end of these 6 weeks! It helps that I am still using Weight Watchers to track everything as well! Here are some pics from my orientation! 

All my orientation goodies! 

My before pictures. Really excited to see what I look like in 6 weeks!! 

These are how many of each activity I was able to accomplish in 1 minute. 

These are my starting measurements.

3) For my birthday my mom got me the 12 week Active Living Journal from Lorna Jane! So I figured what better time to really challenge myself with 100% tracking! Here are some pics of my Active Living Journal! 

My plan is to use this blog to really update all that is going on with my journey. It's a lot easier to post more detailed in a blog but don't you worry - I will still be driving everyone nuts with a ton of Instagram posts haha  

First thing I did today was create a goal board! I'm a huge visually motivated person - always have been! Here are some pics of my board. 

I'm kind of in love with it! Haha I'm a huge organizational planning addict (for those of you that know me well insert the sarcastic no, really?! Haha) 

So now you are all up to speed! Tomorrow morning bright and early I will have bootcamp and start this 6 week awesome adventure! Thanks for all the encouragement! And if anyone wants to join me on the next 6 weeks / 12 weeks of tracking and workouts and clean eating! 


  1. Idk if my last comment posted but FYI you inspire me all the time! Just know I am cheering you on from Kansas!!

  2. Idk if my last comment posted but FYI you inspire me all the time! Just know I am cheering you on from Kansas!!

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