Thursday, May 21, 2015

Week 1 mid-week check in!

Hey all!

So far I'm 4/4 for attending bootcamp for week 1!!! Super proud and excited about that! Waking up at 4:40 hasn't been too bad... But each day does have its own struggles. 

I wanted to share my Active Journal entries with everyone to help keep me accountable. So far I have tracked 100^ even though I haven't necessarily eaten exactly what was planned - life happens and I'm really trying hard to accept the imperfections.

One of the biggest struggles I have had this week is lack of sleep. I have a hard time getting to sleep. On average I go to bed between midnight and 2am - well when I am waking up at 4:40... It does not quite work so well. Haha I did go to bed at 11pm last night though! That's a win!! 

Here are my trackers...

Ok so now time for a real struggle moment. Let me start by saying I am feeling much better about this right now. But... Last night was really rough for me.i had my hydrostatic body fat test taken last night and I have to admit it is super informative and I know I can hit my goals at the end of these 6 weeks. With that being said.... It was a very rough evening for me.

For starters I HATE water... Like I can't even wash my face in the sink because I just can't deal with the water splashing in my face. So some of you might be asking what is a hydrostatic body fat test? The official website is but in essence you sit in a warm bathtub like thing and put a weighted belt over your lap and then ATTEMPT to blow out all your air, dunk under the water for a few seconds and then they can get a super accurate reading. Well ATTEMPT is the keyword for me. 

In the test, air can be construed as fat. Let's first start with that. Second, I have no idea apparently how to blow out my air mixed with fear of being underwater makes for a not so great and not so accurate experience. I had to keep repeating the test about 7-8 times before finally the lady said well we just will take it and try practicing in your bathtub. 😣 

Ok at least it was over but then I got the results... 

38.2% body fat... Placing me at the 1% percentile with a rating of very poor. I was so frustrated. I have been on this healthy lifestyle for over a year now!! How am I still considered very poor! I felt like all my hard work didn't count! 

Now after many years were shed with my hubby and mom and a few close friends they all reminded me that obviously that isn't the case.
* I have gone from a size 16 to now a size 8/10! 
* I have gone from walking a 5k with a side cramp immediately to running 2 half marathons and over two dozen 10ks and 5ks including an endurance 3 day race weekend totaling 22.4 miles!
* I have gone from barely lasting 20 minutes on my treadclimber to being able to bust out a full hour at max incline!
* I have gone from barely 5 push ups to completing morning after morning of full hour long bootcamps! 
And I'm super proud to post that last night I saw some baby muscles...

So yes I am still a little bummed and insecure about the results. But I have come soooo far and I am only going to get better and crush my goals! I know that these 6 weeks will be full of struggles that will only make me stronger! So thank you everyone for actually reading this and for those who continuously show support and cheer me on! 

And for those of you on this journey also, we got this!! 

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