Sunday, May 31, 2015

Week 2 recap

Week 2 recap - long story short it was a sort of an off week. To say I gave into my cravings this week is a total understatement. So to really explain my week here are a ton of pictures - my favorite! 😜

Monday - was a super successful day starting with superhero day at bootcamp and then ended at Disneyland! 

Super hero group pic from bootcamp!
My favorite place with my favorite person!
Monday activity tracker
Monday food log

Tuesday was also a pretty awesome day. Started with bootcamp, grocery shopping, mini meal prep, full day of work and then ended with a 4 mile run that gave me a new PR for 5k!! 

Morning bootcamp with my ladies!
Mini grocery trip
I kinda loved my outfit haha
Mini meal prep and crock pot ready for dinner 
Delicious tuna sandwich
Hell yeah! Check out those times!
My awesome coaches from Epic! 
My pink sis got to join me on my run!
Tuesday activity log
Tuesday food log

Wednesday was crazy! I woke up in extreme pain thanks to being a woman and it was the worst I have had in a very long time! My cravings were off the wall and I had a ridiculously long day at work. Unfortunately missed bootcamp...

Catered lunch at my work meeting
Yup totally ate that
Oh yeah I ran out of gas on my way home from my work meeting
Wednesday activity log
Wednesday food log

Thursday again no bootcamp but I made an effort to eat a little better. 

Sharkys naked chicken fajita bowl
Thursday activity log
Thursday food log

Friday - final day of no bootcamp. Finally feeling a little better but food was way off track! We went to food truck row.
These guys are my favorite 😜
Lobster rolls are my favorite!
Friday's activity tracker 
Friday's food log

Saturday was back on track with starting the morning going back to bootcamp! Food was semi on track.
Seriously love working out with these ladies
Seriously thankful for these ladies to work out with!
Went by our old place 😍
We had dinner at our friends house. Tri tip, salad, mashed potatoes, parmasean cauliflower, brazilian cheese bread, and sangria! Sooo delicious!!
Saturday activity tracker
Saturday food log

Sunday was pretty good. Completed a ton of housework and errands.
Tried some chocolate shakeology for the first time. Not a fan but will try it tomorrow with some milk instead of water.
Had a delicious lunch at sharkys again. Love that naked chicken fajita bowl!
Had a super successful shopping trip to whole foods!
And roasted some delicious veggies and had pork tenderloin for dinner 
Sunday activity log
Sunday food log

Week 2 recap! 
Week 3 planning 
The only thing this week event wise is Tuesday night when I'm going to go see my favorite musical Matilda with my mom! 

That's it! Thanks for making it through this long post!!

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