Sunday, June 28, 2015

Week 6 Recap

I officially made it through the Epic Summer Slim Down Challenge!! 

That was such an awesome experience! Even though the challenge is over I am definitely still planning on continuing my morning bootcamps! 

This week was a little off. I felt off the whole week but really really off towards the end of the week. I feel like I have been in a funk. Now I am due to start my lovely time of the month any day now so I am positive that is why but it is still super annoying! 

Week recap:
Monday started super strong! Finally made it back to bootcamp! 
It was abtastic monday! My abs need all the help they can get haha. My problem with ab workouts though is that I tend to hurt my neck and back because my core isn't quite strong enough to do the workouts properly. 
After bootcamp I did a mini grocery trip to have some good choices at home.
Good food prepped for the day!
Monday's workout log
Monday's food log

Coach Brandy and I at Tuesday's bootcamp! 
My legs were too short for the dang lunges haha we even put the thing on its side lol
Ok that looks a little better haha
Tuesday was mine and Matt's 12 year dating anniversary
Tuesday work out log
Tuesday food log
Tuesday I got my weight and measurements taken at Core Health
Pretty exciting transformation over the last year and a half!!
Wednesday was a super intense cardio day at bootcamp!
Wednesday work out log
Wednesday food log
Thursday I got my hydrostatic body fat test done! Damn!!! Pretty proud of those changes in just 6 short weeks!
Shannon and I both did awesome for the Epic Slim Down challenge!! She lost 2.5% body fat and I lost 2.7%!
Thursday work out log
Thursday food log
Friday morning planking with Lukas lol
It was obstacle course friday but I was slightly distracted lol
Friday workout log
Friday food log
I tried SoCalCurls for the first time tonight! First step just microwave for 20-30 seconds 
Step 2 - tie it around your head all ninja style lol
Step 3 - wrap all your hair around it
Step 4- take it out and enjoy awesome curls! I was pretty impressed how well it worked!
Saturday morning was our fit test for the Epic Summer Slim Down Challenge! 
Super proud of my results!
Curled my hair again on Saturday for the Epic transformation party!
Celebrating our awesome success for the Challenge!
Gaby let me borrow her heels so I would be normal height haha 
Brandy and I! 
Rebekah and I! (Aside from being my 5:30 am bootcamp buddy, she is also the badass that created SoCalCurls!) 
Baby Lukas was all smiles! 
All our guns barely fit in the photo 😜💪
This is my Epic coach Adam! He has helped me so much push myself and grow! So thankful for Epic Fitness!
Saturday workout log
Saturday food log
Week 6 Reflection

Thanks for following my week!! And thanks for everyone that has followed my entire 6 week challenge!! 

Sunday, June 21, 2015

Week 5 Recap

This week was the perfect example of a week gone totally NOT according to plan haha. I did something so foreign to me this week and decided to just listen to my body and let it do its thing - SLEEP! I slept anywhere from 8-10hrs every night this week!! I slept over 24 hours over the weekend alone! I'm assuming my extreme sleep deprivation for many months finally caught up to me! Not to mention my stomach was super sour all week. I'm thinking maybe I was fighting off a virus or something but either way I just decided to listen and let my body do what it wanted. It's incredible how good sleep feels! For many years I have stuffled with sleeping so this was a very appreciated week of catch up! Now on the flip side aside from attending Monday morning bootcamp there was legit ZERO ACTIVITY 😳😳 

Whoops!! It happens. 

If you follow me on Instagram you knew something was wrong - I barely posted anything and I think there was a day that I didn't post at all!! Whaaaaatttt! Lol it's ok! I'm ok! Don't panic!! 

I did however track my food for the most part and make semi-decent decisions. I know one off week won't destroy everything but I also know that I have to get right back on track! 

As I am writing this I am trying to brainstorm my plan for the week. With it being so insanely hot out im thinking of planning some big salads! Trying to avoid the stove and oven as much as possible! 

Here are some highlights from the week in photos 

Monday morning bootcamp badass outfit. 

I got the most amazing water bottle custom made by my pink sis Liz! 

Tuesday morning not feeling well with my girls

This was my transformation Tuesday picture this week.

My new Erin Condren planner arrived in the mail!!!

2 years ago this week we were on our honeymoon in Jamaica

This perfectly describes the weather this week! 100'! I do not handle the heat well!

See not even joking! ☀️☀️

One of my clients brought me thank you flowers at work on Friday

Spent Friday night with the hubby at a park watching him fly his helicopter 

Ok so this is the car temperature when first getting in but still it's upsurd!

My 4 year old macbook died on me so I went and replaced it

Spent saturday at a Father's Day bbq at my father in laws house 

The Tarry Men 😍

Love these guys so much! Happy Father's Day! 

And that sums up week 5! I can't believe the Epic summer Slim Down is already ending next week! I have the dreaded Hydrostatic Body Fat test on Thursday and we have our transformation celebration party Saturday! Another crazy busy week ahead! Thanks for reading and hope everyone had a good week last week!