Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Week 3 Recap

Better late than never! 

Ok so to be honest last week was kind of a blur! It was a super successful week in regards to activity! I went to bootcamp all 5 days, did a walk one night and worked my butt off all weekend getting in tons of activity just in moving things for HOBY. Now with that being said, food was a total different story. I unfortunately did not track my food as I had hoped. I kept saying oh I'll write it when I get home, I'll remember. And before you knew it it's now wednesday of a new week! Woops! It happens. But I know that some choices weren't the best. I'm still eating way too many sweets and that is my biggest struggle. This week I am eating out a lot as my time for meal prep and cooking is honestly not available due to work and school and life so I'm just planning on making as many little changes as possible. One big change I have started is when I go to Jersey Mikes I ask them to scoop the bread out of the inside of my mini wheat. Hey every little swap adds up! I'm also really trying to stick with my shakes for breakfast.

Here are some pics from the week! Enjoy! 

Monday morning bootcamp with my girl Anna

Breakfast monday! Not bad at all!

Monday lunch again not bad at all

Dinner Monday with the hubby! Monday was pretty strong food day!

Tuesday morning bootcamp with my girls 

Tuesday morning breakfast with my mom. Bagel with Lox and cream cheese

The hubby and I signed up for Star Wars Rebel Challenge (10k and 13.1) for January

Tuesday night went with my mom and saw Matilda at the Ahmanson and it was amazing!!

Wednesday morning bootcamp with all my girls! 

Wednesday was national running day! Running is something I never thought I could do thanks to being born a preemie and having shotty lungs! But ever since I crossed my first 5k finish line I was hooked! I truly love it and every finish line is such an empowering feeling!!

Wednesday morning breakfast I added almond vanilla milk to my herbalife cookies and cream and it legit tasted like a milk shake haha 

This was supposed to be my lunch on Wednesday but after like 4 bites I felt sooo sick ... Didn't really eat anything else

Went out for a night 2 mile walk with Liz for national running day. Was supposed to be a run but I wasn't feeling 100%

Thursday morning my stomach was still feeling sour and I had the hardest time waking up but I did still get up and go to bootcamp at 5:30! 

Jessica and I at Thursday morning bootcamp 

These girls were the only reason I survived bootcamp thursday! I was feeling like Crap

Sweating for the soon to be Mrs Mestas wedding!

Even Brulee wasn't feeling it Thursday. Even with a treat I couldn't get her out of bed haha 

Got myself matzo ball soup for lunch on Thursday to hopefully settle my stomach

My new term for my MBA started Thursday night! Financial principles! Almost done! Finish my MBA next May! Class of 2016! 

Survived Friday mornings KILLER workout! Seriously! It was suicide drills! I thought I was going to die! Even got bloody Elbows! Lol

Yup that sums it up haha

Totally went and got the new Disney Vans on my lunch break with my mom! I love them!!

Although I really love the princess ones also...

Treated myself to a little pampering for surviving all 5 days of bootcamp 😜

All my #werunsocial gear came in the mail! If you don't know what it is go check out @pavementrunner blog! He is one of my favorite bloggers and started this incredible running community!

Starting Saturday I was privileged to be a HOBY volunteer at the Cal Central HOBY leadership seminar. When I was 16, attending the Hugh O'Brian Youth Leadership Seminar changed my life. I strongly encourage everyone to go check it out! Especially if you have kids!! 

I'm kinda in love with my HOBY swag

Me and Jacie - aka HOBY Mama! And fellow Disney fanatic 😜

Sam and I met at HOBY back in 2007! So fun to be able to connect again! Oh and she is also a disney fanatic (starting to see the trend of HOBY awesomeness haha)

This is the amazing operations crew! Combined maybe 5 hours of sleep achieved the whole weekend! Woot! Lol

Hence this being the first thing I bought when I got home Sunday night 😂😜

So that was my week 3! Super excited for week 4 and hopefully I can get back to tracking what I eat! thanks for reading! 

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