Monday, June 15, 2015

Week 4 recap

This week was all about sleep for me! Well lack there of and finally listening to my body and catching up! From my Hoby hangover and just going to bed at 1am to wake up at 4:45am for bootcamp - I was beyond sleep deprived and it totally caught up to me! Food was pretty on point monday - thursday and then went downhill fast for the weekend. Oh well - life happens - time to get back on track!

Goals for week 4

Monday morning started a weight loss challenge at my work between my coworkers so that should be fun! It makes it soooo much easier to stay on track when there isn't a ton of crap food in the breakroom!

Monday workout log

Monday food log

Tuesday morning bootcamp with Shannon 

OMG what is this wet stuff falling from the sky!? Haha it actually rained in Southern California on Tuesday! Definitely had to take a pic!

Transformation Tuesday picture! Pretty proud of keeping the weight off for over a year! Now if only I could finally reach my goal weight!

Quick grocery store lunch

Tuesday workout log

Tuesday food log

Wednesday morning bootcamp and got some new epic shirts!

I won my dietbet!!!! $47 won!! 

Got home from work Wednesday night to the hubby sitting in the living room with a tray of our dinner all ready to share and eat! So yummy!!

Wednesday workout log

Wednesday food log

Thursday night weigh in at weight watchers and I was down 2.8lbs!!

Thursday night class and dinner was sharkys naked chicken fajita bowl

Thursday workout log

Thursday food log

Friday morning bootcamp was a ton of fun! The entire group showed up and killed it!

And I was totally distracted all workout because this little cutie pie was hangin out with us!

Friday workout log

Friday food log

Saturday had a super fun lunch date with the hubby at Samba!

Saturday workout log

Saturday food log

Sunday workout log

Sunday food log

Week 4 recap

Week 5 goals

Thanks for reading and cheering me on!

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