Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Week 7 Recap

Happy July!! How is the year already half way over?! My 6 week challenge ended but I have really enjoyed the accountability of these blogs so I decided to try to continue! 

This week was super crazy, busy, stressful and slightly obnoxious but it was also super successful with tracking and workouts!

For starters I had my lovely time of the month which always makes it difficult to stay on track and workout. I tend to get horribly sick and super painful cramps. Thankfully this week I pushed through, overdosed on Midol and went everyday to bootcamp! Pretty proud of that. Now on the flip side my cravings for chocolate were out of control and unfortunately I caved to all of them. 😥😂😳

With that being said here is my recap! 

Brandy was such an awesome encourager to help me get through a rough monday morning bootcamp!

I started out attempting to be successful and planned for the day

Lunch was super delicious!!

Monday workout log
Monday food log

Had a strong workout with Rebekah and Adriana 

Love this tank! And check out those guns! 💪💪

Oops I did it again... Lol signed up for Walt Disney World Princess Glass Slipper Challenge! So excited! 

I actually brought my blender to work. It totally worked out great! 

Tuesday workout log

Tuesday food log

Wednesday morning Epic bootcamp with Adriana!

Planning on doing as much of the #byebyejigglejuly challenge to get as many raffle tickets! New shoes and a race entry! Yes please!!

Also was told about the #HOBYCalCentral photo challenge for July

These are my July Goals!

Wednesday work out log

Wednesday food log

Kind of in love with my outfit today! #FlexItPink all the way 💪💕

Had the day off so I joined the 9am bootcamp class! Finally got to meet Jodi!

And got to meet Cheyenne! It's funny with social media it feels like I've known them forever! :)

It was a tough arms workout!

Had to include Brandy!

After bootcamp I went for a 2 mile walk with Liz

Thursday workout log

Thursday food log

- no workout :/ insanely busy day at work!
Definitely how I felt when I left work haha

Friday night bbq with matts mom, her husband, grandma and bro in law :)

Friday workout log

Friday food log

SaturdayHappy 4th of July! I actually wore a bikini! And felt comfortable in it! 

We had some fun at the bbq

It was my father in laws birthday also so we were celebrating both :)

Some fun in the sun with the hubby and bro in law

Saturday workout log

Saturday food log

Sunday the hubby and I went for a 1.7 mile walk. It was really freaking hot out! Also about a quarter mile in Matt was super out of breath - kind of strange. 

So we just rested the rest of the day. Matt kept complaining about some pressure/pain on the top of his chest. Thankfully we already had a doctors appt scheduled for Monday for something else anyway... 

Sunday workout log

Sunday food log

Week recap!

Thanks for reading! Excited to see what is in store for next week!

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