Saturday, August 22, 2015

Hiatus is over!

Hey everyone!

Thanks for hanging with me while I took a little break and had to focus on some other things going on in my life! But I feel like I'm ready to get back to focusing on my health and food and fitness (to a point)! 

I don't know about you but I had a weight in my head as my own personal max. You know, that number that even when you are yo-yo you know you don't want to go over that number... Well for me that number was 150lbs. That was such a big deal for me when I finally got out of the 150s that I kept telling myself that I won't allow myself to go back to that weight. Well unfortunately with my constant gains over the last few weeks/months as of Thursday's weigh in I was 150.5lbs! Noooooo!!!! But it is totally clear as to why. And I'm ok. But it was a swift kick in the butt and reminder to me to stay the track!

So I'm back!! 

Saturday mornings we normally go out to breakfast and to be honest it's normally all treat food on weekends (diner food, fast food, donuts, etc). Well this morning I was getting ready for my class and was just about to tell the hubby "think of where you want to go for breakfast when I'm done with class" and I stopped myself and instead went downstairs and made my herbalife shake! It's one small change but that small decision is a huge deal for me! It's one step in the right direction! One less greasy/fatty meal to add to the problem. 

My plan for the week is to constantly ask myself "is this food going to nourish me and assist me in getting through my day to be my best" 

After class, I am planning on creating a meal plan for the week and getting back to meal prepping! I haven't prepped in months and I know that is why I've had a tough time lately. 

Thanks for being apart of my journey and excited to start seeing positive results again!

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