Friday, August 7, 2015

Time to push pause...

So for anyone who knows me, you know I always pile on responsibility after responsibility and am always saying yes to any need that comes along. Well... To put it short and sweet my plate has become so full I feel as if it's cracking in my hands! Some amazing people in my life have been talking to me lately because they have observed this slow motion wreck in process and have been constantly advising me to slow down, rearrange my priorities and maybe cut back on some things. Now the perfectionist in me always laughed and said I'm Wonder Woman I got this. Stress is just apart of life - no biggie. Ok well it's finally catching up to me. 

To give a snapshot into what my life looks like right now:
I try to start my day at 4:40am to get up and ready for bootcamp. After bootcamp I rush home and get ready to be at work by 8:45 and work until 6. After work depending on the day I either have class after as I'm currently in my Masters Program which nights I have class or home work I typically don't go to bed until midnight or later. On nights I don't have class or homework it's spent catching up on life duties like attempting to spend quality time with my hubby and girls, laundry, cleaning, paying bills, etc so just about every night the earliest I'll go to bed is midnight. Then add in that I also try to get in some running and training for my 5 half marathons that I'm already signed up for. Then add in meal prep and attempting to figure out my food planning because I really struggle with food and emotional eating so it's not something I can't not plan. (I know double negative.) Then add in one of my best friends is getting married next May and asked me to be a bridesmaid and I want to help in anyway to make sure it's perfect for her. Then add in that I love to volunteer with HOBY and I've been offered various opportunities to elevate that level of volunteering to help in a multitude of different events and areas. Then add in life needs and stresses with family and other friends. Then add in my attempt at helping my local bootcamp with their social media. And then add in my own social media campaigns to encourage and inspire others. And then add on the feeling of HAVING to continue this craziness because if I don't too many people will be let down. Welcome to my life. Anyone have a Xanax? Lol just kidding! 

If you have actually kept reading and made it this far thanks! Anywho, I guess what I'm saying is that I think I'm finally going to take a pause, a step back, a breather and attempt to re-evaluate a better plan for all of these things that I truly love doing but not necessarily all at the same time. Do I truly need to give all of those things my attention every day starting now? No. maybe it's ok to take some time off bootcamp and running for a month or so to catch up on sleep. My next half marathon isn't until October. I have time. And taking time to put each of those above mentioned things into the same thought process.
I guess what I'm getting to is that no matter what my shift in priorities are I just ask and hope that those who truly know me and understand what I'm going through take no offense and respect my decision and allow me to say "sorry not right now."

Thanks in advance for your help and understanding!! 

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