Saturday, August 1, 2015

Week 9-11 July 13 - July 31

Hey everyone! Sorry for leaving you all hanging! My life has been pretty hectic lately! Quick snapshot - School, Work, Volunteer Work, hubby time, dogs time, housework, fitness, attempting to eat healthy, and more! So confession time - with all of the above going on I have not really tracked my eating at all and have really only worked a few days here and there. Trying hard to find the balance in everything. So instead of posting a ton of blank pages of my trackers here are some of my favorite photos for the last couple weeks. :) I am hoping to have August be a success!

Some fun at bootcamp 

Some more hubby BBQ deliciousness 

Grilled BBQ peaches and ice cream

More bootcamp fun

A fun catch up night with my bestie 

Weekly weigh in results with my herba life coach Chris

More BBQ deliciousness 

Date night grilling with the hubby

Turned out amazing

Some awesome 80s run fun! Beware for overload of photos on this

This girl has been my best friend for 10 years now! 

It started to downpour on us!

Love me some chocolate milk! 

Awesome run with my favorite people! 

After we totally shared this amazingness after haha 

My girls are my everything 

I got to FaceTime with my niece, Aiyana, and meet her for the first time!

And with my niece, Lynette and nephew, Maddox! They are adorable!

Went over to my besties house and got some lovin from this adorableness - Lukas 

Later that night I said yes to being one of her bridesmaids 

Isn't this the most adorable way to ask!

Love of my life

Hanging out with Jacie in Disneyland 

Kinda love my new ears and the snapchat filters :)

Bootcamp fun!

Night run at hillside track with my pink sis Liz!

And the hubby and girls! So much fun!
My adorable co-driver lol

6 month check up and no cavities! Woo hoo! 

Loved my outfit (ignore the extreme mess) 

Favorite flex it pink pants

My new favorite hairstyle 

Hehe I have a purse dog haha

This is my world! And I wouldn't change a thing! 

Thanks all for reading!

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