Saturday, December 5, 2015

America, we have a problem

I try really hard to stay out of all the drama, arguments, and other shenanigans online but I felt like I finally need to say a few words...

I don't know if we have gotten worse over the years or if now that I'm getting older I recognize it more or possibly social media is making it more present but...

What is the first thing you do to take down a strong group of people? You try and get them to turn on each other, crumble from within right? Well, congrats America, we are doing it to ourselves!!! I have never seen so many people viciously turn on their own friends, neighbors, cities, etc. We have people crying foul over our law enforcement, threatening the people that are here to protect us! We have people fighting over hypothetical war solutions. We have people even questioning our teachers for the way they educate and give constructive criticism calling it abusive toward those that are sensitive! What the hell is going on?! 

Do you not see it?? Do you not see how we are letting these terrorists win?? When 9/11 happened we came together as a nation, we prayed as a nation, the music industry collaborated to bring unity, the news was not only sharing the most up to date coverage of the terror but there were a multitude of coverage over stories of heroic acts and people helping each other. 

What happened? What changed? 

Now, we have these shootings happening constantly and the first thing we do is point fingers in all directions, start a social media frenzy, the news stations all tell a different version of the story and all you see is the constant negativity and dividing of this great nation and the WORST is all you see is story after story of who the shooter is.

I don't give a flying shit about who the scumbags are, how they grew up, how nice they appeared. Why are we making them celebrities?! Why are we not respecting and honoring the victims and sharing their names and stories? Why are we not sharing tips and education on what to do in the event of an attack so we can minimize casualties? When and why did we allow this to get this level? 

It's not just a political problem, it's not just a religion problem, it's not a gun problem, it's a fucking people problem! 

Why are the people of today so messed up, so disassociated with the value of life, so sensitive to opinions that we can't have discussions? Everything is a heated argument. Everything is a my way or highway stance. With this type of mentality it is no surprise we are crumbling!l

At the end of the day, the underlying theme to every side of every argument is that we love our country, we want to stop seeing these constant (almost daily) attacks in our own backyard, and we want to feel safe again - HELLO AMERICA - we are all fighting for the same thing! 

Stop tearing each other apart! Stop letting these terrorists get the best of us! Stop trying to be so politically correct that the media has 3 days worth of material on why an entire city is in an uproar over the tone of the way something was said! Stop getting so offended! Stop venting every little complaint to the entire world!  Stop sharing the videos of the idiots of the world that have nothing better to do than cause problems and allowing them to become famous! Stop taking everything personally!

Start standing together. Start supporting our nation as a whole. Start making positive impacts in our communities. Make the positive stories, the heroes, the the helpers famous! Turn around our view of this nation. We can do this. Start supporting our local businesses and schools. Start educating our next generation that those who work hard, do right and show respect are the ones who get ahead. 

It is time to change our perspective, it is time to take come together to prevail!