Saturday, February 27, 2016

Whoa Baby

2/26/16 - well tonight was interesting! Matt and I had been joking for a few days now that he thought I was pregnant. I wasn't my normal self and hadn't started my time of the month yet. One of my coworkers mentioned just go pee on a stick! So I got home from work today and TOTALLY EXPECTING IT TO SAY NOT PREGNANT decided to sure lets just pee on the stick and move on. I don't know why I did but I did. And sure enough the words "Pregnant" appeared!!! I screamed out for Matt to come in there quick! And wow was I a flood of emotions! Matt was so excited and immediately was hugging and kissing me and telling me how happy and excited and nervous and everything! I was in shock. It took me a while to process. He said he just knew for the last week. I was in shock. Can you tell I am in shock? Don't get me wrong I'm beyond excited but you have to understand our whirlwind with pregnancy... Let me explain...

I was a micro-preemie myself with various health issues all growing up. When I was 10 or so I had little cysts that lined my Fallopian tubes and thankfully whatever medicine I was given shrunk them or something. Anywho at that stage I was told by the OBGYN that because of my micro preemie stature and complications that I couldn't get pregnant and if I did it would be very dangerous for me and the baby. At that moment I accepted that news and grew up thinking ok since I can't have kids I don't want them. I told everyone and anyone that asked that I don't want kids. Why want something you can't have right? Well Matt and I became best friends and started dating (and by dating I mean went to the bowling alley once and he got me the cutest dolphin earrings haha) in 7th/8th grade and I always talked about not wanting kids so he knew and accepted that wayyyy early on and was constantly agreeing with me that he didn't want kids either. Ok fast forward like 11 years and we are now a year into our marriage of course everyone and their brother is asking when we are going to have kids... It always was the usual response are you kidding?? No way!! Not us!! But behind closed doors it was discussed A LOT! Over the next 2 years we talked about how amazing it would be to create a little person, create one of us (oh God that's a scary thought!), see our parents be the amazing grandparents we know they will be, we would joke about how wrapped his dad would be and how excited our moms would be, and let's not even mention how excited our grandparents would be! But we would quickly stop the conversation and say oh well. It's not worth the risks. One night Matt said, hey why don't you go to the doctor and get checked out and see if that is still true? With all the changes in medicine and what not maybe it's not true. Boy am I glad he said that! I literally called and made an appointment the next day. Unfortunately when you aren't pregnant your urgency isn't too present so I had to wait a month for that appointment! During that month our minds were on a roller coaster! We talked about what would happen if they confirm I can't! What would happen if they confirmed I could! Oh my goodness!! The day finally arrived and at the amazing recommendation of a few friends and family I didn't say a word about my previous diagnosis or even mention I was a preemie, I just went in and said hi we are thinking of starting a family and wanted to get checked out and see if I'm ok to! The lady was super nice, congratulated us and checked me out. At the end she said you are perfectly healthy and I don't see why you would have any cause of concern... I then explained to her my history and micro preemie status and she said wow! No, if you wouldn't have told me I would have never known you were a preemie!! I don't know why you were given that information because that wouldn't hinder you at all! If anything because I'm so petite, a c-section might be necessary but that's the only real potential problem. WHAT THE WHAT!? 

Ok so fast forward back to today... About 5 months after that appointment. In 5 months our lives went from constant talk of no babies to OMG we can get pregnant, let's try to get pregnant, omg we are pregnant! Ok now do you understand my shock?? Haha 

When the initial emotions kinda settled down, I thought of writing this blog to keep track of my pregnancy, my thoughts and wishes for this amazing baby that I'm growing inside me! Of course no one can see this until way later but it will be fun to look back on.

Some of the initial reactions:
Like I said Matt was so incredible! Immediately showing me so much love and excitement and calling me an incredible baby maker haha he kept telling brΓ»lΓ©e and pebbles are you girls ready for a human sister or brother?! Momma is making a baby!! Haha he had a little pep talk with brΓ»lΓ©e about how she needs to start being nicer to momma and be a good big sister. We immediately started planning how to tell our family and friends! Oh I can't wait for that part!! I had big cute hopes for how I would tell Matt the day it came and well that flew right out the window haha so I want to make sure the announcement to our parents goes perfect!! We started asking each other if we thought or wanted deep down a boy or girl. We both don't really care either way as long as healthy but Matt is thinking team boy and I'm thinking team girl haha we shall see!! 

Ok well enough rambling from day 1. Here are some pictures from tonight caz if you know me at all you know this next 9 months will be full of photos!!! 

Umm does that say what I think it says?!

We are sooo excited!!

Umm should I pee on like 10 more to make sure?!

Ahh this is really happening! and I wouldn't want to go through this with anyone else!! Matt is going to be such an amazing dad! OMG he is going to be a dad! Eep!!!! πŸ’•

3/2/16 - I had my first prenatal lab work done today! I met with the nurse today and confirmed I'm due approximately November 1!!! So I am 5 weeks and 2 days pregnant! Yay!!! I had to answer a zillion family health questions, was given a packet of information on the first trimester, was told to drink plenty of water and continue my exercising. My treadclimber will be getting plenty of use! Then she sent me down to the lab where I got to drink the oh so delicious (NOT) stuff for the 1 hour glucose test. 
Mmmm... Lol πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ then of course while I was waiting my hour I got to read all the info they gave me and download the What to Expect App! 
Awww little Baby Tarry is the size of an orange seed! 🍊

Ok time was up! Finally!! Then I went and got all the blood tests drawn. The nurse kept saying aww the first of many mommy sacrifices hahaha oh and did I mention I seriously had to pee like 10x in the 1 hour time span haha apparently that's normal when you are pregnant! Haha

Man I felt drained! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜œ (too cheesy? Hahahaha) 

Ok that was all the excitement for today. Hubby and I are super excited to tell our parents this weekend! We have some totally adorable ways we plan on doing it! I'll share once we pull it off! πŸ˜πŸ‘ΆπŸΌ 

Oh and as of today only real symptoms are just peeing all the time and slightly sore boobs 😳 After dinner last night at Don Cucos I felt a little nauseous but I immediately started chewing gum and felt better. If there is a way to avoid the morning sickness part that would be awesome! 😜 

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