Thursday, April 21, 2016

Tiredness, sickness, tests & finally RELIEF!

3/8/16 - I got a call from the Doctor that my glucose test didn't come back with the results they want so they ordered me to do a 3 hour glucose fasted test. That was TERRIBLE! First, they told me I had to stop eating at 9pm and show up at the lab at 8am... I ate my last meal around 7 and was feeling sick all night so I ended up fasting for wayyy too long and then when I got to the lab there was a long wait. By the time the whole thing was over it was almost 15 hours of not eating! My stomach was soooo not happy with me! And fruit punch flavored whatever that stuff is on an empty stomach was πŸ˜–! Anywho... Very appreciative to my mom who took me and stayed with me the whole time to help keep me preoccupied! Thankfully I got the call tonight saying these results came back looking great! Whew! 

First kinda Nerve-racking thing over with! 

Made sure to bring my adult coloring book while we were sitting there haha

Yay! All good!!

3/9/16 - 4/10/16 I don't want to blog too much about the not fun parts of pregnancy as I don't want to really remember it too much but I did want to share that "morning" sickness totally kicked my butt. Thankfully I only ended up actually calling out sick from work twice but to be honest the last couple months were harsh. From constant nausea to actually getting sick from random smells to overwhelming exhaustion. I did find some relief from those ginger mints at Trader Joes and as long as I ate super small meals very frequently it helped me! I joked around with Matt that I have a two bite fine line of starving to too full and sick haha. He was so wonderful with making me breakfast EVERY MORNING so that I woke up and immediately ate! I can't thank him enough! He also picked up all my slack with household chores and there is no way I would have got through these last couple months without him! I hope he knows how much I really appreciate all his help! 

3/22/16 - 4/12/16 We also had a little scare with the genetic testing but we finally got the call that even though I have the gene for Cystic Fibrosis, Matt does not!! Amen!! That was beyond nerve-racking waiting for the blood tests! 

3/22/16 - we finally had our first ultra sound appointment!! Doctor said everything looks healthy, we got to hear a wonderful strong heartbeat! We got to see our little peanut! So crazy that there is really a little person inside me!!!

Ok now all the fun pictures!!

This was my every day view while at work 

Sitting here waiting for the doctor! So excited to see our little peanut!!

AHHH!!!! We got to hear the heartbeat and see a crystal clear picture of our baby!! πŸ‘ΆπŸΌ

First picture of our baby!!!! We confirmed due date is November 1st! 

I was desperate to find whatever will get rid of the nausea 

Thankfully one of the few things that both tasted good and stayed down was actually my Herbalife shakes!!

Ok thanks for reading and sharing in our excitement!!