Tuesday, May 3, 2016

The announcement!!

Time for the fun post of sharing how we told family, friends and co-workers! 

As I mentioned in my previous post, Matt was the first person I told (about 10 seconds after me finding out haha)!

Now one of my co-workers, Debi, who I have worked with for the last 5 years and who knows me really well was the one that kept saying she thought I was pregnant and recommended I go take a test. When I walked into work that Monday morning after finding out I didn't say a word! Debi just looked at me and said, so did you find out Friday or Saturday?! Hahaha she totally knew!! So I was talking to her about it and out of nowhere my branch manager Rudy popped up with this look of OMG!! Hahahaha so Rudy and Debi technically found out immediately haha but then I kept the secret from the rest of work for a few more weeks...

Next up, the parents! We WANTED to tell them all at once but just due to varying schedules it wasn't possible but we decided to use the new house as the way to share the exciting news. 

My mom - So my mom came over the night we got the keys and we immediately started showing her around the house, walked her through the bedrooms and said this is the master, Matt's man cave room, the guest room... And then this is our favorite room... And my mom looked so confused and was like ok? And I said well it's going to be the baby room!! She wasn't getting it hahaha she was like oh cool for later on down the road... And I was like um yeah in about 7 months!! Lol she had to lean against the wall Hahahaha she was very excited and totally cried.

Matt's Mom- That same night we went out to Matt's moms house as she just had back surgery so she couldn't come to our house. We took a bunch of pics of the new house and we ended up showing her on the computer a virtual tour of the house and did the same thing! We were able to tell her, her husband, Matt's brother and his grandma all at the same time since they were all home. They were all very excited and Dillon (bro-in-law) immediately recommended Optimus Prime be the name Hahahaha sorry Dillon not gunna happen Hahahaha 

Matt's Dad - on Sunday when he got back in town we invited him over and did the same tour/announcement to him. He seemed more in shock than anything hahaha I don't think he was expecting that news at all hahahah but he is excited and happy for us! (He just already has 5 grand babies and 2 great-grand babies so I think he was like omg another one!? Haha) 

Bestie Molly - so Molly just got engaged a week before we found out so I was waiting to tell her as I didn't want to take away from her excitement of her new news. But... We planned a wine and plan night!! Eek! How do I tell her all of a sudden I can't drink wine with her?! So I ended up ordering her an adorable wine glass from etsy that says "only the best friends get promoted to Aunt"! When she came over that next Tuesday for our wine night I told her I got her a new wine glass for our house... And gave it to her! She was excited and shocked and even yelled out a "HOLY SHIT!" Which is hilarious given Molly never cusses Hahahaha 

Work - due to having some pretty obvious morning sickness quite a few of my coworkers already figured out the news so at week 9 I bought a box of donuts and put a sign on it and left it in the break room 💕 

Rest of friends and family - we tried to tell as many of our close friends and family personally so that they didn't find out from a generic post on Facebook. 

Planning the Facebook/ Instagram announcement - we emailed Brian from We Run Social right away and asked him if he could make us a baby onesie for our announcement as We Run Social and running together has really been a huge part of our life! He said he would check into it and see what he could do! He obviously delivered because we were sooo excited to share our adorable announcement. We did make a few alternate announcements though as we weren't sure if the onesie would come in time. And a huge thanks to Brian for doing that for us!! 

Here is the different pics we made! 

Hehe well thanks for listening and sharing in our exciting journey! 

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