Thursday, June 30, 2016

Gender Reveal!!!

At our 12 week Drs appt we were told the plans for the next couple of doctors appointments and what to expect. She told me to expect a call to schedule our 20 week ultrasound and that would be about an hour long ultrasound to check on the status of how the baby is developing. I excitedly asked her if that is when we find out the gender (which I thought was an appropriate question) and she snapped back saying THAT IS NOT WHAT MEDICAL ULTRASOUNDS ARE FOR! 

We left that Doctors appointment pretty bummed.

I remembered a few co-workers who went to an outside company to get those 3D/4D images when they were expecting and I started googling a local company. I found My First Peek-A-Boo in Ventura and found out they schedule a gender reveal appointment as early as 14 weeks! 
Matt and I talked about it and decided to go for it! 

My graduation fell exactly when I was 15 weeks and we thought how perfect! All our friends and family would be at our house to celebrate my graduation, what a perfect time to tell everyone the gender all at once! Now I am TERRIBLE at keeping secrets so we scheduled the appt only a few days before my graduation so I didn't have to keep a secret for too long! Ok plans made, now time to find out!

Our prediction: based on all the old wives tales - face acne, super sick, headaches, blah blah everyone kept telling me GIRL! So much so that I started convincing myself and Matt that the baby was a girl. 

We got to the appointment, which My First Peek-A-Boo was so awesome! It was a giant projector almost like a movie theater with a seating area for anyone you brought and then the table to lay down on. Plus the girl was super sweet! We were soooo excited and nervous! We got to see our baby for a little bit and then the technician said oh! I think I can tell but let me get a few more angles to confirm - Matt and I had no idea what she saw lol 

A few minutes later she said YUP! Put a little arrow on the screen and started counting 1,2,3! 


The first thing out of my mouth was OMG I have a penis growing inside me! Hahahahah   We were both a little shocked! Super excited but it didn't sink in right away. She printed us a bunch of pictures (will share below) and off we went - still not really realizing what we just found out haha Oh and Matt got to mark one more boy gender reveal down for the  month of May!

When we got home we were laying down and Matt apparently was hit with realization and sits up and goes it's a boy! We are having a boy! And that was when it really sunk in for both of us! We are super excited for a little baby boy!!

How to tell the good news?! We went to party city and asked them if they can put a balloon inside another balloon. They said they normally don't do that but would try it for us. We did a few tests in the store and it totally worked when we popped the outer balloon, the inside balloon floated away and showed the it's a boy blue balloon. Cool! We got two balloons just in case one didn't work.

Graduation party and mostly everyone was there so time to share!! We brought out the two balloons and said we had an announcement and whoops, I guess 2 balloons makes people think we were having twins! No no! My moms face was like WHAAAT?! Hahaha we quickly clarified and said no no it's just a gender reveal! Hahaha unfortunately both balloons just popped and it didn't actually go off as planned but everyone was able to see that the inside balloon was blue! Yay!!!! 

Per the norm for us, things didn't go exactly as planned but that's ok! We got to share the excitement with everyone and then we got to play the ultrasound video so everyone can see him! 

Thanks to everyone reading these and going on our journey with us! 

We love you little baby boy!!