Thursday, September 14, 2017

Cameron Blake Tarry

Wow it has been over a year since I last posted a blog! I have about 20+ started and never finished so I am hoping to catch up! haha With Cameron's 1st birthday right around the corner I figured it is a perfect time to reflect back on his birth and finally get this blog posted! :) I apologize for the length but a lot happens over 30+ hours! haha Well enjoy!

Cameron's birth story really started Friday, October 7 when I had my second non stress test because my blood pressure kept rising and at this point I was officially diagnosed with gestational hypertension. They informed us that if my blood pressure was still around where it was earlier that week they would send me home and induce me on Tuesday Oct 11 when I was officially 37 weeks. I guess if they induce prior to 37 weeks Cam would be considered a preemie and we would have to have a ton of extra specialists and tests and higher risk of his lungs not being fully developed. Thankfully when we went on Friday, my blood pressure was still high but it didn't get into the official danger zone so we were sent home with orders to rest, no stress, and come in Tuesday Oct 11 at 9pm ready to be induced! Eek! 
Yay, all clear to go home!

Non Stress Test

I had hired a Doula, my friend Andrea Pongo, almost immediately after finding out I was pregnant and she was amazing and really was a great resource my entire pregnancy! Throughout my pregnancy we were planning on an unmedicated natural birth. I have scoliosis and both my chiropractor and my OB warned me that there is a chance, depending on who the anesthesiologist is, that I wouldn't be able to have an epidural. So I wanted to just plan not to have one. Because of that a C-section was also a huge fear of mine because I would have to be put completely under in the event I can't have an epidural. So I was ready to ride the wave!   

Now let me back up a little, my pregnancy wasn't too great. Sick majority of my pregnancy and at around 6 months on I had to see my chiropractor multiple times a week because I had really bad lower back and pelvis pain from a misaligned pelvis and too loosened of joints. Seriously so thankful to Dr Paul Brandt! He was such a huge help in keeping me somewhat comfortable and able to function! Around 7 months my blood pressure was consistently rising and I was put out of work early to attempt at reducing all stress and anything external that would add to my blood pressure problem.

 I am a major planner (insert no really, rolling eyes emoji here 😜) so I was totally fine having an induction date and time. That actually sounded great! Haha no freak out of water breaking or questioning if I was really feeling contractions! I was able to have my hairdresser wash my hair that morning and put it in two French braids so I could easily go a few days without having to deal with my hair! I was ready and super excited! After dinner Matt and I dropped the girls off at my father in laws house and made our way down to Kaiser! My mom was very cute and said she had her bags packed, brought snacks and she was ready to wait at the hospital with us haha Being that it was an induction we just had our Doula on stand by and would text her updates but will call her when we were closer to baby time! 

Oct 11 8:30pm: arrived at the hospital
We got to the hospital around 8:30pm and my blood pressure was 150/98 ugh! No one was happy to see it that high. And yeah hearing that definitely calmed me down - NOT! Haha

We arrived!

It is Go Time!!

Oct 11 11pm - induction started
When it was time to get started, I requested being induced first by using Cervidil. At around 11pm on Tues Oct 11 they gave me the cervidil. I told my Mom to go home and get sleep as nothing was going to happen tonight! She very reluctantly left.

Induction officially started!

Oct 12 11am - 1.5cm Foley Bulb Started
At my first check at 11am on Wednesday Oct 12 I was at 1.5cm and was dilated enough to progress to the Foley bulb. Holy Bajeezus - that was the most intense, worst pain I have ever experienced! The goal of the Foley bulb was to get me to 4cm... at 4cm the bulb literally falls out. So weird and omg so painful. Talk about trying to keep my high blood pressure in check - soooo didn't happen! I had about 45 minutes straight of intense cramping and contractions and then it calmed down enough for me to lay down for a little bit while we waited. Unfortunately my Mom arrived back at the hospital right in the middle of my worst part of the Foley bulb. Everyone warned us induction can take a while and be prepared to wait... we waited... and waited...  My next checkup from the nurse would be at 11pm or when the bulb fell out - whichever came first. 

Oct 12 5pm - 4cm Pitocin started
Thankfully the bulb fell out around 4pm. Matt's Mom came by after she got off work and brought us some Chick-fil-A as after I started pitocin they didn't want me to eat anymore. After i finished eating they started me on pitocin. This was when things took a not so great turn. Between the intensity of the pitocin and my already high blood pressure, Cameron started showing signs of distress. They kept having me roll from side to side and lay on my back. They ended up stopping pitocin to attempt to get my blood pressure down.

Eek time for Pitocin!

Oct 12 7pm - blood pressure now 163/105 -- not good! 
I also was shaking like crazy shortly after starting the pitocin so that wasn't very pleasant either. The doctor was expressing concerns of seizures for me because my blood pressure rose to 163/105 and more distress for Cameron so they gave me some medicine (don't remember what kind) for lowering my blood pressure and also magnesium. At this point, my doctor (who I was sooo excited was my actual OB! It happened to be her on call night) came in and told us she highly encourages me to do the epidural so they can see if my spike in blood pressure was from increased pain or if there is more complications. They sent in the anesthesiologist to assess my spine and see if he even felt comfortable placing the epidural. 

Oct 12 8pm - blood pressure now 158/98 
The nurse came in and checked my bp again and this time 158/98 so the medicine helped a little but not as much as they wanted. The likelihood of ending up in a Csection would be higher if I chose to continue without the epidural. I was really planning/hoping for an unmedicated natural birth but not at any expense of mine or Cams safety so matt and I agreed to the epidural. 

Oct 12 9pm - epidural (oh sweet relief!)
The anesthesiologist did a great job! Within just a few minutes I felt 1,000,000 times better! I finally felt like I could calm down and  the shaking finally stopped! After this the doctors wanted me to get some rest and said they started the pitocin again but would check on me in a few hours. 

Oct 13 12:48am - 5cm bp now too low
My blood pressure was finally getting better and I was feeling ok trying to get some rest when I kept beeping because Cam was in distress. They determined that he was accustomed to my high blood pressure since I had it majority of my third trimester and that by making my bp normal it made him freak out so they gave me a shot to make my bp go back up which almost instantly made Cam back to his normal. My doctor came in and told me she wanted to break my water as I was still only at 5cm and we needed to get things moving for both mine and Cams safety. She said she would come back in and check again at 2am and break my water at that time.

Oct 13 2:15am - bag of waters broken 
When Dr Calder came back in I was still only at 5.5cm so she broke my water. Wow that was weird feeling. Haha she said hopefully things will move along now and she would check back in soon. 

Oct 13 5:17am - 10 cm it's go time! 
Finally at 5:15 Dr Calder came in and checked me and I was at 10cm and she told me to let her know as soon as I felt that very different need to push feeling. Literally right after she walked out I said I think I feel it! The nurse told me she would start with us and grab the Dr when it's really time. She didn't think I was 100% ready yet. At this time I had my mom wait in the waiting room so it could just be me and matt and our Doula when she arrived.

Oct 13 6:15am - Doula arrived 
I was just starting pushing when Andrea walked in the room. Her and Matt were on either side of me trying to help me figure out my breathing and when to push. 

Side note - we were in the brand new L&D ward at Kaiser and from the minute we got into the room, every nurse that came in said "oh the monitor doesn't work?" And left. Well now that it was time to push they remembered the monitor didn't work and informed me that I would have to tell them when I felt like I needed to push as they had no way of seeing my contractions 😳

Ok continuing on, the nurse yelled out she could see Cams head and said it's time for the Dr to come in. Well in walks Dr Turner because Dr Calder was on her lunch break hahaha ugh! Oh well. I continued pushing and taking small breaks and after what felt like forever...

Oct 13 7:47am Cameron Blake Tarry is here!!
He was perfect! So much hair! I really don't remember anything other than them putting him right on me. I remember matt kissing us saying I did so good and Cam is perfect!

We are officially a family of 3!

Cutest little peanut!

Had to get a picture with our Doula, Andrea!

We chose to wait to do all measurements and everything until after our skin to skin time. 

As soon as skin to skin time ended my mom, Matt's mom, and Matt's dad came in and got to see Cam! At that point they started doing all his measurements.

Getting all checked out! 
So tiny!! 5lbs 15oz 19 3/4" long

One of my favorite pictures from that day! Our parents <3 

My mom & Cam 

Matt, his parents & Cam

Size comparison to Daddy's Hand!

And yeah, the rest is history - lots of sleep deprived yet incredible times! 

I do want to take a minute to say how I am so incredibly thankful to my amazing Hubby who was by my side all 32 hrs and 47 minutes of my labor! Throughout my entire pregnancy and postpartum journey he has been the most amazing support. Always making sure I'm eating properly, drinking plenty of water, doing all the laundry, dishes and cooking! I honestly couldn't do it without you and I'm so thankful to have you as my partner!

I love you, Hubby!

And if you actually made it this far, I hope you enjoyed following along in my labor story! Thanks for all the love and support!