Monday, January 8, 2018

Jan 1 - 7 Recap

Happy Monday!!

My plan is to do a weekly recap on here to keep track of the status of my 2018 goals and to continuously keep them at the forefront. 

Here is the quick overview of Week 1:

As you can see it was a pretty good week!! 

A few of the key points to remember for the week:

1) Cameron slept through the night almost every night!!!! Can I get an AMEN?! Not sure what changed but I’ll take it!! Thursday night was rough as he woke up 4x but the next day was back to sleeping great! Seriously, if you have a kid who is a great sleeper, be thankful and appreciate it!

We had a blast at the park on Sunday!

2) I LOVED working out with Cameron every night after work! To be honest, every night between 5:30pm and 8pm I am at my most exhausted point. I am tired from work, studying, being up late, etc and that is normally the time I start crashing. It also happens to be Cameron’s fussiest time. He is tired for bed but not quite ready, hungry, etc. When I did the first workout with him playing around me on Tuesday it was incredible! I felt like I had a second wave of energy afterwards, Cameron seemed to be in a great mood and thought it was fun! I also physically and emotionally felt great after! I have had an intense amount of stress going on lately and to have this half hour of nothing else going on in my head except the workout and Cam was awesome! Excited to continue! My goal is to do 30 min 3x a week to keep it realistic but last week I did 6/7 days and loved it! 

Jan 1 - starting pic. Weight 174 lbs :(

Tuesday workout!

Thursday's Workout!

Tried Yoga! 

One of my fav pics after working out with Cam!

3) Trust myself more. I know me better than anyone! I need to remind myself of that! I have been struggling with getting this licensing material straight. Studying for 3 different tests that have overlapping and conflicting information all with a one year old at home that rarely sleeps (THIS WEEK WAS SUCH A BLESSING!!) has been extremely rough. I am so thankful I have been given the time to study while at work and have done my best to put in more study time at home but I study best in the library. I always have. There is something about that environment that just clears my mind and allows me to focus. After months of struggling and now facing the scary deadline of needing to pass this exam or basically look for another job I finally asked my manager if I could take a few days to go to the library and study my way, the way I know works for me. And thankfully he agreed and this week at the CLU library was great! I was able to really focus on the material and take some uninterrupted practice finals. Up until this point every final was 70/71/69/70/etc... ugh! The passing score for this exam is a 70%. Those scores are too close for comfort. Well after my studying at the library I already see and feel the difference. I got an 80% on a final!! What what!! yesterday I got a 74%! I’ll take it! It’s showing improvement and I’m feeling a ton more confident about the wording! One more week! I re-test Jan 11! Eek!

Love the CLU campus!
Lots of good studying happening at the library this week!

4) Trying  new things are good sometimes! We are big creatures of habit. Well, I have been hearing a lot of people talking about how great Aldi is and how much better their prices are. Since we are trying to cut costs wherever we can I figured it couldn’t hurt to go check it out. I’m so thankful I did! We were able to get everything on our list for roughly $27 less than we would have spent at Stater Bros! 

5) Eating in was actually really really nice! This week I had every meal made at home! All breakfast, lunch, dinners, snacks, coffee, everything. Although some nights weren’t the best or healthiest option I know we saved a ton of money normally spent at restaurants and was able to spend some awesome quality time while cooking, cleaning up and eating. Excited to continue this into the new week.

Bulk meat buying at Costco helped too! 
We get a ton of use from our Food Saver.

6) I have really been enjoying following Emily Ley's #SimplicityChallenge2018 Taking the decluttering one baby step at a time! My new phone layout just makes me smile everytime I see it and my notes app is insanely useful! Suzy, our AMAZING housekeeper (if you need a local recommendation let me know and I will get you her info) surprised me this week by reorganizing my kitchen and linen closet! Now I still have a ton of decluttering to do but wow! its so nice and clean now! and yes... we have a major cup addiction problem! haha

my new organized and simplified notes app and main screen!
This isn't even all our cups hahaha
LOVING the glass storage containers!
And I have been keeping the kitchen wiped down and sink empty!
Even with eating at home!

Well overall I’m pretty proud of how the first week of the new year went! Crushed every goal! Now to stay consistent!

Thanks for following along! 

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