Monday, January 15, 2018

Jan 8 - 14 Recap

Hey all!

Happy Monday!!


First and foremost, I PASSED MY SERIES 10 EXAM!!!!!! WOO HOO!!!!! I cannot even begin to express the relief I am feeling. I still have one more exam to pass at the end of the month before I am completely in the clear but this was a huge achievement for me. This test definitely pushed me beyond my limits but I am soooo happy it is done with!


Second, this week was so full of awesome family fun! Spent lots of time with Cam just hanging out, seeing how much he is learning constantly - this kid seriously amazes me! He went the ENTIRE WEEKEND going potty on the big boy potty! Only ONE accident and that was when we were out running errands! HE IS ONLY 15 MONTHS!!! So incredibly thankful! I never knew I could be so excited and proud over someone going potty haha

Seriously, the magazine kills me lol

Matt also surprised me on Wednesday night with a super fun date night to the shooting range! We haven't gone shooting in forever but I still had a pretty good shot! It was so much fun and was a great way to get my angst and built up anxiety out the night before my exam. Hubby definitely scored some brownie points for that awesome idea. And it was even better because it didn't cost anything *BUDGET WIN!* haha Gotta love old gift cards!

This weekend we also had the joy in celebrating my Grandma Dixie's 91st birthday! Seriously how incredible is that?! She is the sweetest woman you will ever meet and I am soooooo thankful that we got to spend some time with her. Watching her and Cam together totally melts my heart. We also got to see some of our family that we rarely see so that was a treat too! Literally the last time we saw them was Grandma's birthday last year so it was fun to have them see how much Cam has grown!

Sooooo precious! 

As far as staying active goes - I totally crushed it this week! I did my beachbody Country Heat workout 3x this week and we went on a 2 hour, 3.5 mile hike on Sunday! That hike was intense! It was the first time we tried the hiking backpack with Cam and that thing is no joke! I wore him for the first 1.25 miles and was DONE! haha Pretty proud of myself to have lasted that long! Matt even said his back was spent afterwards and he was surprised at how long I lasted. I want to say that thing was an easy 40lbs! Cam seemed to really enjoy it and ended up falling asleep the last little bit. It felt great to get some fresh air and spend some quality time with my guys.

Financially - this week was also a pretty big win. We are officially half way through the month and we are staying crazy awesome on track with eating in, eating what we have, and spending nothing on extras.  Not gunna lie, this was a conscious effort this week. Especially with my exam, all I wanted to do was not think about cooking or cleaning and just order in all week but we didn't! Also, after passing all I wanted to do was go out and celebrate but we made dinner, had some wine and made some cookies instead! I did eat breakfast out on the day of my exam because I wanted to be out and close to my exam place super early and we did eat out on Saturday for lunch but both of those things are still way under our small budget we did allow for the month!

Home wise - eh... haha keeping the house clean this week was TOTALLY NOT a priority. I think I only had the kitchen totally empty sink and counters wiped down once the whole week. It wasn't a complete disaster zone but definitely not ideal. But hey, GRACE NOT PERFECTION and this week its ok!

Personally - I finished reading the "Power of Habit" by Charles Duhigg! It was a fascinating book! Really insightful over the power of our brain and how we process information. For those that don't know all growing up I wanted to be a neurosurgeon because I find the human brain absolutely incredible. Well obviously I changed career paths but I will say reading this book reminded me how amazed I am by the brain. It is definitely more of a clinical type read so some may find the beginning boring but I really recommend it! The stories it gave and the examples of some of the most life altering habits are beyond words! It definitely opened my eyes to some of the automatic habits I have in my life - some good, some not so good. Looking forward to using this insight to hopefully modify some of these habits and create new ones.

Overall so thankful for such an amazing week! Spending the rest of my day off today getting the house cleaned up, planning out the rest of the meals for the week, laundry and maybe tackling organizing the rest of the bedroom and guest room (probably not haha).

Have a great week everyone!

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