Monday, February 5, 2018

Jan 29 - Feb 4 Recap

Hey All! Happy Monday!

How is it already a new week?! Last week flew by! It was a pretty weird week with still being in limbo with work (as of today they STILL haven't given an official decision although we are all pretty sure Feb 12 will be my last day), Matt being super sick starting Friday night, and Cam being ultra clingy. But hey, we survived another week!

Here is my overall recap of the week. Really working hard on staying positive, finding the silver lining, trusting that God's plans are FAR GREATER than any I could imagine, and being patient (which I REALLY REALLY suck at).

Some highlights of this week:

- Cam and I spent a ton of quality time together over the weekend and it was the FIRST weekend in SIX MONTHS that I wasn't distracted with needing to study or stressed out about my test. I decided to stop studying and give myself a break. Assuming Feb 12 is my last day so I won't be retaking the exam and worst/best case they decide to grant an extension I will get back to studying but in the meantime, I am giving myself a much overdue break. It really felt great being able to just fully enjoy hanging out with him! He is such a smart kid (I know... all parents say it... but seriously!) He did an amazing job going in the potty all weekend too!

My teeth brushing buddy

My snuggle buddy

- Given the possible outcome of being unemployed, I have been having some pretty raw conversations with Matt and we have been dreaming big together. I am actually a little excited at taking this situation as a huge opportunity to revisit some dreams/big ideas I had before I started working for Wells and bringing them to fruition! More to come on that later...

This was how I got anything done this weekend! Yay for the Ergo!

All the extra cuddles!

- Budget wise I am extremely proud of us! This past week even with taking Cam shopping for a few hours I only spent $15 - honestly that is huge! Especially considering I went to Michaels, Kohls & Target! I think that deserves a standing ovation LOL 

- Food wise, we have been sticking to homemade / or frozen heat up at home meals! I can't believe how much we are saving with that! Pretty embarrassed at how much money we have thrown away over the years on eating out! Friday Cam and I scored some pretty awesome deals at Vons - gotta love $5 Friday + super bowl specials! I even planned ahead and stocked up on some steaks so we can celebrate our anniversary/Valentines Day in without spending too much - or just some other nice stay at home date nights.

How could I pass up that deal?!


Pretty yummy breakfast at home this weekend!

Super easy and yummy dinners!

My little helper

- Fitness wise - When I realized it was Saturday ALREADY I also realized, wow I haven't done any activity all week! So I took Cam to the shopping center in Moorpark, put him in the stroller and walked the entire center and in and out of all the shops. It was a lot of fun, got us some fresh air and Cam always likes his stroller. Sunday morning when I woke up I told myself I have to at least get in one real workout for the week so although Cam was super clingy and fussy I put on my Beachbody On Demand and got through the Country Heat workout.

Got in one day of working out!

That pretty much sums up everything that happened this past week. I am nervous, anxious and excited for some things I have in the works and can't wait to share them all with you - but first I need the final decision from my work! ugh! As promised, I will keep you all informed. Thanks to all who have messaged or texted me asking how I was doing and wanting to follow up on my work situation! It means a lot know how many people I have caring about me and my family!

Thanks for following along in my journey.

And one more adorable picture to close out the week!

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